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Iron Mike Tyson lean towards Pacquiao in ‘fight of the century’

YOU would think Mike Tyson would be favouring his countryman Floyd Mayweather, but the controversial former heavyweight champion is siding with the Filipino speed machine.

Like many celebrities including boxing fan Mark Wahlberg, Tyson has sided with Manny Pacquiao despite the outside odds of $2.80 currently being offered at

Tyson believes Floyd Mayweather will have to be more offensive than usual to stay undefeated and go 48-0.

“When you think about the two fighters and the people that gave Pacquiao the most difficult time in his career, only the people that threw over 100 punches a round uttered the fight great,” Tyson said.

“Floyd doesn’t throw nowhere near 100 punches a round.”

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“You know what I mean?,” Tyson said.

“He’s more of a scientific fighter, he really plots a lot and he sits around and he pulls it.

“[Pacquiao’s] all over, trading, moving.

“That’s just my opinion. I just don’t think he’s [Mayweather] going to be able to play that plodding skill. Pacquiao’s like perpetual motion.”

Freddie Roach believes Mayweather fears Pacquiao

We all know Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, does most of the talking for the humble boxer, and he’s continued his assault on Mayweather just days before the fight.

“I really am wondering if he’s going to turn up on the night,” Roach said of Mayweather.

“I don’t think any fighter is afraid, but I don’t think he wanted this fight. He was forced into a fight he didn’t want to take.”

The usual media act from Floyd Mayweather hasn’t been at full force for this fight, prompting many experts to label Mayweather as nervous, including Roach.

“I just don’t know why Floyd has gone quiet for this fight. His speech is very subdued.”

Mayweather was given a chance to retaliate, giving reason to his calmer nature.

“I’ll be there,” Mayweather said.

“I talked trash in the past, but this fight sells itself, so I don’t have to.”

Mayweather’s trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr, went on the attack at Thursday’s press conference.

“Manny Pacquiao ain’t got it,” he said.

“He can’t punch. It’s going to be one-sided and Pacquiao is going to be put to sleep. Good night.

“When Floyd breaks his jaw, he will take time to recoup. And when it’s all finished, he’ll be sucking on soup.”

Sucking on soup? Great phrase and Floyd Sr doesn’t believe a rematch will be on the cards. Sportsbet are offering two options on whether there will be a rematch by 2016.

1. Yes – $2.44
2. No – $1.51 at

We’re heavily favouring that there won’t be a rematch, especially considering the time frame given. A loss would likely end the career of both fighters and if they were to go to battle one more time, it would take some time to organise, so fighting a year later seems unlikely.

Pacquiao criticised Floyd “Money” Mayweather on being money-focused, and who could blame him?

“It’s all a business for him,” Pacquiao said.

“For me, it’s about giving the fans who are paying all this money a great fight. They deserve that.”

Pacquiao commented on his condition for the fight, the richest in history and will also be for the WBC, WBA and WBO titles.

“The feeling I had three years ago, 10 years ago, is back,” he said.

“I haven’t felt like this in my last few fights, I feel different. I’m relaxed and confident.”

Former fighters give their expert opinions

Oscar De La Hoya – former world champion and now boxing promoter.

“If Pacquiao can surprise him in the first two or three rounds, though, and get Mayweather where he has to catch him and come from behind, then it can be a very interesting fight,” De La Hoya said.

“That has to be Pacquiao’s plan. Because if you allow Mayweather to box going backward, he’s going to let you come in and expose yourself. And Pacquiao will be in trouble.”

Even though De La Hoya is clearly favouring Pacquiao, he believes the “smart money” is on Mayweather at $1.48.

“The smart money is on Mayweather,” he said. “Look, it’s Las Vegas, Mayweather’s hometown. His picture’s on the side of the MGM. The close rounds are going to go to Mayweather. It’s big business. It’s no secret.”

We tend to agree in that the boxing commission has always favoured Floyd Mayweather. Boxing decisions are dubious at the best of times but this fight should be clean, simply due to the extremely large audience that will be paying attention and money.

Ricky Hatton – defeated by both Mayweather and Pacquiao.

“What I do know is that if anyone can beat Floyd for speed it’s Manny,” said Hatton.

“And that as a southpaw he neutralises that left shoulder roll defence of Floyd’s.

“Even more important he throws the straight rights which could get through that defence.

“Yet I still go for Floyd. Just. On points. At home. But, it’s so close that if I was down to my last pound I wouldn’t want to put it on either of them.”

In that case, we’ll put a sneaky bet on the draw option. This result isn’t as rare as you would think, but it would almost guarantee a rematch.

$14 at is the best price for the draw.

Sugar Ray Leonard – former champion who knows his stuff.

“All fighters have one last fight in them, if you look at [Muhammad] Ali against George Foreman and Ali won despite being expected to lose,” Leonard said.

“With me it was Hagler, I knew I had one last fight in me. I believe that all applies to Manny Pacquiao.

“Maybe Floyd doesn’t know exactly what power Pacquiao has, I did not know what power Hagler had until I was in there and he landed.

“I just did not want to lose, there was so much at stake, but that is what makes fighters great, that is what makes fighters champions.”

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