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Online bingo

Online bingo has grown significantly in popularity since digital gambling became a mainstream pursuit, with both community and RNG versions of Housie available on the internet. The top online bingo sites accessible to you in your country of residence will depend on the laws in this jurisdiction. For instance, online bingo is perfectly legal in the United Kingdom, while it is banned in other countries with strict gambling laws like the United Arab Emirates.

Top online bingo sites 2024

Online gambling has changed how bingo is consumed in modern times, with more and more people playing digital versions of this classic draw-based game. Online bingo is available at many of the best online casinos in random number generated format, while live bingo is also available, but less common.

The most popular way to play online bingo these days is via community games, which are generally gambling brands set up solely to play this game. Just like playing at the local hall, community games of online bingo in community format are played against other players, which means it’s a race to get “BINGO”.

The best online bingo sites will have a plethora of deposit options to suit players from all part of the world and most currencies. Even if your specific currency is not available at an online bingo operator, well-known currencies like USD and the Euro are available to gamble in, which means they will convert your currency to one of your choosing.

Online bingo is available across a range of different mediums, including via your web browser, which can really be on any screen size. Basically you just need a reasonably updated web browser and internet connection to play online bingo. However you can also play on real money bingo apps, if you are in a jurisdiction with regulated online gambling.

Reviews of the top bingo sites

True Blue

Top Australian bingo sites

Unfortunately Australians are unable to play online bingo legally, with sports betting sites one of the only legal forms of digital wagering down under. The IGA is the relevant legislation that outlaws online bingo.

Best UK bingo sites

The United Kingdom has a fully regulated online bingo industry, which means many of the best UK casinos offer RNG bingo games. There are also many community bingo sites that offer real money games of this variety.

Introduction to online bingo

One game played in gaming halls throughout the world that’s finally receiving the online update is the game of Bingo. In the version of the game played in real time in dedicated Bingo halls, players have an opportunity to win cash and prizes, but the biggest draw is the opportunity to interact with other Bingo players and enjoy socializing as part of a gaming community.

Some may be reluctant to embrace the online version of Bingo for this reason alone, that it lacks the sociability that you find in the real time game. You need not be concerned about this supposed lacking, however. Online Bingo offers plenty of chances to socialize with other players with the extensive chat functionality that comes with online Bingo software.

In some ways, this dimension of socialization works even better than what you would find in real time Bingo halls. You never have to worry about what to wear, or getting dressed at all, since nobody can see what you look like in a chat room. Conversely, if you do want to see each other, you can share pictures of each other as well, allowing players to realize the full range of socialization online.

Additionally, online casino Bingo allows you to meet people from all over the world, expanding the range of possibility in socializing with others. You might never meet anyone from India who shares your interests in a physical Bingo hall in Australia, but this is not only possible online. It’s quite common.

How to Play Bingo

When you play Bingo online you quickly learn about the range of variation in Bingo games. Bingo, in the strictest sense, is a game that originated in North America. You pick a 5×5 card with numbers in each square. An announcer calls out numbers out of a pool of seventy five balls that come out of a hopper, or in the case of online Bingo, are generated by a computer program. You try to match them to your card and fill out a pattern. You can even play with multiple cards, which increases your chance of winning.

BingoEach round of Bingo requires you to fill in an entire line or some other specified pattern before another player does so. If you fill out the required pattern you yell Bingo when you play in a Bingo hall. If the people running the game do not hear you, that’s your own tough luck.

Online play circumvents this, though, because instead of yelling out, “Bingo!” you can click on a button, and no computerized system is going to miss out on a button click. You can still yell out, “Bingo!” however, if that’s your preference, but don’t forget to click on the Bingo button.

Housie, which is the version of Bingo played in the Southern and Eastern hemispheres, in places such as Australia (Top AU casinos) and India (Indian online casinos), is slightly different. It uses a 9×3 card and rather than 75 balls, it uses 90 balls. Pattern requirements can be even more stringent, often requiring a player to fill out most if not all of his or her card.

Advantages of Online Play

One of the great advantages to playing online casino Bingo is your ability to earn bonus cash. In the physical Bingo halls, you may get complimentary drinks and food for showing up and playing. This is merely a way for Bingo halls to show their appreciation for your patronage.

Since online casinos can’t offer free food or drinks in any kind of meaningful way, they make up for it in the most ridiculous and lucrative (for you) way. They offer a myriad of different types of bonuses. Many sites that offer Bingo and Housie give out free credits when you sign up to play there. Often this type of bonus does not require a player to deposit any money. Instead, players get bonuses such as $5 in playing credits. Whatever money you win with those credits is yours to withdraw and keep.

Another bonus unique to online casino Bingo is the matched deposit bonuses are awesome. This is how one Bingo website distinguishes itself from another. Casino bonuses of this sort match your initial, and occasionally subsequent, deposits by a certain percentage and up to a certain limit. For example, a matching bonus at a Bingo website might be phrased as 200% up to $500 for your first deposit, and a 25% matching bonus for each subsequent deposit. This means that if you deposit up to $250 initially, the website will give you an additional $500 (200% of $250) to play with on your initial deposit. After this, each time you deposit $200, you get an additional $50.

In addition to bonuses, online casino bingo also poses other advantages. Suppose you have a hankering to play Bingo after hours. Most physical Bingo halls will have long since closed. Online, however, you can find a game whenever you want.

When you play Bingo in a physical spot, you have to account for travel, food, and lodging experiences, but this is not the case with online play, since you can enjoy Bingo wherever you are, so long as you have a good Internet connection.

One aspect of online play that is different than play in a real time Bingo hall is that sometimes, the person calling out the Bingo numbers may slow down or speed up. This is usually a result of varying connection speeds. To get the most out of online casino Bingo, it helps to have a fast Internet connection.

Since much of what is happening in an online Bingo game is computerized, you might even have the chance with some bingo software to have the computer automatically daub your numerical matches on your Bingo card. When this is the case, you can have the best of both worlds. You can chat with other players and interact, while still playing multiple cards at once, which increases your chance to win.

Start playing online casino Bingo today and join the community of players who have taken to the Internet to enjoy their favorite game.

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