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How to win at pokies

Learning how to win at pokies sounds like an important skill, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist in the form that many punters would hope for. If it did, then hoards of players would flood the casinos and drive them into bankruptcy within a matter of days. Sure, there are things you can do to possibly retain a bit of your bankroll. Actually winning at slots, however, is a matter of pure luck.

How to win at pokies

The thoroughly unpredictable nature of the game is due to one culprit: the random number generator. This tiny devil is a piece of computer technology located in all modern slots, and it ensures that each spin of the reels is entirely independent of all others. A pokie has the same mathematical chance of paying out a jackpot on each spin, even if that jackpot was just hit during the last game. Some players praise the RNG for giving them a fair chance of winning on each spin, while others curse the development of a randomizing method that’s impossible to predict or cheat.

In this article, we’ll examine how to win at pokies. Keep in mind that slot machines are not a “beatable” game, and anyone who thinks differently is wasting their time. Some players are stubborn, though, which is why I’ve created categories for both realistic tips and more fantastical strategies.

Ways to Really “Win” at Slots

If you want to win at pokies, the tips on this list are the best ways to achieve your goals. Each is grounded in common sense, so you won’t have to listen to nonsense about zig-zag patterns or hot and cold machines. Instead, I’ll focus on tips and tactics that allow you to have fun while stretching your bankroll as far as possible.

  1. Choose a Reputable Casino
    Crooked land-based casinos are not going to last long, so this advice applies mainly to those playing pokies online. Do your research before settling on a single destination, as many Internet casinos think nothing of delaying payments to customers or cheating them. In my experience, the following are all reputable sites that employ award-winning Microgaming software: 7 Sultans, Platinum Play, Vegas Palms, and Royal Vegas.
  2. Comps
    Even if you fail to hit a jackpot, a trip to the casino can pay for itself in the form of comps. Short for “complimentary,” these items are handed out to players who spend a respectable amount of money at the casino. Comps can take the form of free meals or hotel accommodations, but tickets to shows and entry into exclusive slots tournaments are also common. In the case of high rollers, you might even expect the casino to send a private jet to pick you up.
  3. Know the Rules
    Before you play a poker machine, make sure you’re familiar with the rules of the game. While the basic concept of each machine is similar, the paytables and rules can vary a great deal. All the details you need should be printed someone on the game console, so take a moment to put on your reading glasses.
  4. Bankroll Management
    One of the greatest tips for any punter is learning how to control your money. This can mean the difference between hours of gaming fun and a quick departure from the premises. There are a number of possible strategies, but I suggest never playing with money that you can’t afford to lose. It’s also a good idea to leave your credit and ATM cards at home, otherwise you’ll be tempted to dip into your savings if your bankroll runs out. By keeping an eye on your money and limiting yourself to slots with an appropriate denomination, you should be able to play for hours without any financial discomfort.
  5. Join a Slots Club
    By joining a free slots club, you’ll receive a card that can be inserted into the pokie before your session begins. This allows the casino to track your wins and losses, and frequent players are often rewarded with comps.

Winning Pokies Options for the Desperate

For those who are obsessed with “beating” slots and refuse to listen to reason about the random nature of the game, this section includes a number of tips for you. I want to reiterate that these tips are primarily based on superstition, and any winnings gained by applying them are simply a matter of luck.

  1. Slot Systems – Some players swear by slot machine systems, especially those who are looking to sell you the latest “can’t miss” method for beating the pokies. I would advise you to stay away from these gimmicks, but stubborn players may be interested in methods such as the Zig Zag.

    According to this system, a player should walk the casino floor looking for 3-reel, single-line pokies that have three matching symbols on the reels in a zig-zag pattern. These slots have yet to pay out, but the proximity of winning symbols to the centre line means the machine is getting ready to provide a winner. By jumping in and playing, you’ll be able to cash in when the winning combination finally arrives.

  2. Look for Hot Machines
    According to a number of uninformed players, pokies are programmed to get hot and cold at various times (which entirely contradicts the presence of the random number generator). By keeping an eye on the various machines on the floor, you’ll be able to spot a machine that’s about to get hot and move in for the kill.
  3. Buy into the Superstitions
    There are plenty of myths about winning at slots, so feel free to buy into as many as you like. Perhaps you’ll want to purchase a lucky keychain or wear the same shirt when you play. Or maybe you would prefer to warm the coins in your hand before inserting them into the machine. The list goes on and on.

Making sure to have fun is the only guaranteed way to consistently walk away from the slots a winner. However, those who want to learn how to win at pokies have a number of options at their disposal, from the reasonable to the outrageous. It’s up to you to discern between the two, but I suggest always approaching the game with a good attitude and a sense of adventure. Whatever happens after that is in the hands of Lady Luck.

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