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Lonzo Ball’s shoe and the NBA playoffs: a week on Twitter

NBA Twitter

NBA Twitter
WHO in their right mind would pay $495 US for a shoe worn by a player that hasn’t even been drafted to an NBA team, let alone done something in the league?

Apparently, plenty of people.

The Ball family – dad LaVar, potential first pick Lonzo and his younger brothers LaMelo and LiAngelo – are obviously famous for the skill of the kids, but dad is stealing the limelight and the headlines with his outlandish comments.

A near useless baller in college, LaVar has claimed that he could have beaten the GOAT Michael Jordan in a one on one and wanted a $1 billion shoe deal for his very original “Big Baller” brand.

Of course, Nike, Under Armour and Adidas all laughed at him.

So he decided to go it alone, creating a shoe for his eldest son.

The starting price? $495 USD.

Twitter thought that was hilarious, baking the look of the shoe and giving it a resounding “no thanks”, with even Shaq getting in on the scorn.

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Even Australian Boomer and Melbourne United NBL star Chris Goulding thought it was pretty funny.

You can make yourself a pretty sweet wardrobe of kicks, instead of spending $495 on the Big Baller shoes.

LaVar insulted pretty much his entire clientele – kids who always want the shiniest new toy, but definitely won’t be able to afford his son’s junk looking shoe.

Not even the family wants to wear his whack shoes.

But hey, the world didn’t seem to care much, with pre-orders for the shoe reportedly going through the roof after just a day.

Ball is laughing all the way to the bank and this is proof that any publicity is good publicity, even if it’s bad.

Celts star

Mighty Mouse Isaiah Thomas has had a massive season and it has exploded in the playoffs.

With the anguish of his sister’s death and ensuing funeral still looming large of the little master, he has managed to push that aside to torch both Chicago and Washington in the playoffs.

He also had a tooth knocked out, some emergency dental work and still managed to drain a ridiculous 53 on the Wiz.

That series was tied up at 2-2, but not before the two Kelly’s, Washington’s Oubre Jr and Boston’s Olynyk mixed it up in Game 2 and caused a melee that saw several players slapped with technicals, ejections, and the Wizard copping a suspension for Game 3.

Oubre emerged from the fight missing a game, but a hero of the playoffs for some.

The poor old Toronto Swepters

It has most definitely not been a good week to be a Raptors fan.

I mean, no one really thought they were going to beat the reigning champion Cleveland Cavaliers, but not many thought they would get swept either.

Of course, a combination of a monster series from LeBron James and the disappearing act played by DeMar DeFrozan and IciKyle Lowry ensured another ignominious exit from the playoffs.

Lowry was injured, DeRozan could not be the dominant player he was during the season and, of course, Twitter was savage on the Canadian club.

Of course, LeBron’s ridiculous start to the playoffs had plenty of tongues wagging after game four. Usually, James coasts through the playoffs and then turns it on when the chips are really down. But not this season. He’s been the most dominant player in the NBA, averaging around 35 points, nine rebounds and 10 assists as the Cavs first swept the Indiana Pacers and then the Raptors. The result of the Boston and Washington series appears almost redundant with the GOAT in waiting in this kind of form.

Kristaps Porzingis sent the Twitter verse into meltdown when he tweeted, then deleted this:

Well, at least we thought he tweeted and deleted it.

He is claiming he was hacked, but it’s now a case of stay tuned.

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The towering Knicks sensation was clearly unhappy with how things unfolded in New York this year, so much so that he missed his exit interview at the end of their season, prompting several clubs to inquire about his availability.

Is it boring, or just good basketball.

The dominance of the Golden State Warriors also had the Twitter world a little upset, concerned about the parity of the league.


Remember this?

It was the 15th anniversary of Allen Iverson’s infamous “practice” press conference that NBA heads still talk about today.

Oh yeah, and this

Reggie Miller was a stone cold killer and the Knicks were his favourite dish during his sharpshooting career.

This never gets old and they even made a doco on it.

Of course, this has to be one of the most replayed moments in NBA history and it celebrated an anniversary too. The poor old Cavs – but we feel more sorry for Craig Ehlo, who MJ just loved whipping every time they played.

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