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How cheap computer monitors make it fun to play online

The great thing about modern day online casinos is they are incredibly well optimised to suit the widest number of desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Essentially, even if you don’t have the newest high-tech computer or smartphone, you can still play your favourite real money games on cheap hardware.

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These days, if you don’t have an Apple laptop or an Android tablet, you can feel like you miss out on the fun things in life such as playing live dealer casino games online. However if you have a computer which resembles a 1980’s air conditioner as your desktop, or simply a cheap monitor purchased second hand, you can still play some of the most innovative and ground-breaking live dealer games online provided you have an Internet connection.

The best part about playing on a cheap monitor is it is more fun as you’re less inclined to fall prey to the ever consistent security updates mid-game the new models seem to present every two minutes. Additionally, old computer monitors are generally quite large in comparison to the laptop and tablet screens players use these days, thus giving us the opportunity to bigger game play and a more immersive experience when playing casino games online.

No download Internet casinos on cheap computers

Many of our recommended online casinos offer the ability to play in instant-play/flash mode via our Web browsers (Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) so there is no need to download any software.

This is convenient for those using old or cheap computers due to lack of large storage space available and means players can still access all the usual titles, including live dealer titles, without downloading any software which potentially will not open.

This can actually be more beneficial for players with old or cheap computers in comparison to those with new ones as game play can sometimes be smoother due to the fact players who download the casino will obviously download other software continuously meaning their gameplay can be affected over time.

Additionally, players can access the most innovative games such as the live dealer titles online casino software developers have released as they are play via Flash technology. Our browsers will usually let us know when to install or update Flash plugins to ensure the games will load correctly.

Turn your lounge room into a live casino

For those who do have a laptop or tablet, along with a cheap monitor, it is possible to turn your lounge room, or entertainment room, into a casino by hooking the screens together to give a wider viewing range. Cheap HDMI or VGA computer cable cords can be purchased online that are compatible with both your laptop and monitor in order to connect the two.

By doing this, you can invite as many friends as you want over and you can all view the human live dealer on multiple screens. You will all have to make your bets using the one mouse or touch screen so it might be a good idea to all put in together and agree on the bets, but regardless, the ambience created can make a great addition to a get together.

Live dealer software still works on cheap monitors

Since live dealer titles run via Flash, old computers with cheap monitors can still access these titles and actually have the opportunity to view them on a larger screen, provided your cheap monitor is bigger than a laptop or expensive desktop screen.

Additionally, live dealer titles mean you aren’t playing against your screen rather you are playing against a human dealer so it doesn’t really matter what your monitor looks like or costs, all that matter is that it is working and you can see the picture clearly.

  • Microgaming
    Experience Microgaming’s live dealer titles featuring Playboy Bunnies as your live dealers. Offering an array of live dealer titles including blackjack, baccarat and roulette, picking a dealer dressed as a Playboy Bunny adds to the party ambience. Players can pick an elegant dressed croupier however we enjoy the Playboy Bunnies for a unique experience. Additionally, it is a good idea to use cheap technology if you are playing with your mates as we all know what they’re like when they get a drink in their hand.
  • Playtech
    Playtech’s live dealer titles have been made for larger screens as they have been created to work on large smart TVs. For those who don’t have a large smart TV but a large cheap computer monitor, they can play these titles with the same concept in mind. Playtech have the typical live dealer titles as well as a Casino Hold’em title to play.
  • Ezugi
    Ezugi offers a live dealer keno variant so players can set up their cheap screen and turn their house into a live dealer keno venue for all your friends to play just as you would together at the pub or RSL. You can all put in money, deposit to the online casino account, and pick the virtual numbers together. There is also a live dealer lottery title along with the more common live dealer games including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Additionally, other online casino games can be played via your cheap monitor as it isn’t a requisite to have the latest device to play any online casino games -just make sure you are playing at a reputable Internet casino such as the ones we suggest.

Do I need the latest device to play online casino games?

There is no need to rush out to buy the latest Apple or Android mobile casino device in order to play your favourite online casino games. Provided you have a solid internet connection and a monitor you can see clearly on, our favourite Internet casino games such as blackjack, pokies, video poker, jackpots and more can be played and viewed on our computer monitors both old and new, cheap and expensive.

Benefits of playing Internet casino games on cheap monitors

Since cheap monitors are, well, cheap you can buy a few and set up a gaming room in your house for friends to come over, or simply for yourself.

Since they are less costly than brand name devices you can generally get a bigger model than you would with an Apple or Android computer or tablet and therefore the screen is suited for bigger gameplay creating a more immersive experience.

This works especially well with live dealer variants as although players are versing human dealers they can still feel computerised due to their small size. With a large cheap monitor players can experience a large view of the human dealer which only adds to the experience.

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