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Why baccarat is more fun that blackjack

Once baccarat was a game only for the high rollers, with table limits pushing middle-class players to to the less exclusive card games. Thanks to the Internet, these limits have dropped right down and now we have access to what all the celebrities and rich kids play, and its no surprise that we now think it is a much more fun than playing an average game of blackjack.

While we love blackjack, there is a lot of features which make the game less enjoyable than baccarat. However, some players still need convincing, so here are five reasons why baccarat is better than blackjack.

1. Baccarat is easier than blackjack

Blackjack requires concentration and strategy, which is only fun if you aren’t being social. Players need to know when to hit, stand, split, double down, surrender and sometimes even more. These decisions mean you can’t be too distracted by friends or a sneaky beverage. Overall, you have to make more decisions in a game of 21 which makes it a a semi-challenging game.

In baccarat, all players have to do is bet on either the banker or the player, and sometimes if they’re daring a tie – though this has a high house advantage attached so it isn’t usually recommended. This means the biggest decision payers have to make is if they want to risk a high house edge for just one bet.

Additionally, there is no need to have to rely on the dealer to make a decision as in blackjack. When the dealer reveals their up card blackjack players need to take this into consideration in order to decide their next move. Baccarat players are not dependant on the dealer, thus making it an easier game to play.

2. There are less bets in a game of baccarat

There are three bets in a game of baccarat: the player bet, the banker bet, and the tie bet. For the lowest house edge, players are recommended to bet on the banker bet more often than any other bet. This holds a 1.06% house edge, the lowest of the three bets. Blackjack may have lower, but we discuss why that can come back to bite blackjack players on the behind below.

Blackjack has numerous bets, betting systems, and strategy charts which players have to learn. With just three bets in comparison to the numerous bets blackjack players need to consider which are all dependant on the dealer’s up card, baccarat requires less concentration and decision making. This means players are less likely to make a mistake with the less bets involved and we all know the less mistakes we make the more fun we have.

3. Players don’t have to work to lower the house edge

The game of blackjack may have a lower house edge, but one mistake can increase it by 0.50%, which can be costly. Players also have to work to lower the house edge to their advantage. To do this players must master the perfect strategy which is a basic strategy chart. This chart has been created by statistics and recommends the best move in association to the dealer’s up card in conjunction with your hand.

Knowing what move to make in accordance to this chart requires players to memorise numerous combinations if they are playing at land-based casinos. This means if players aren’t playing online with the strategy chart open in a separate tab, then they can make costly mistakes due to a lapse in memory which ultimately raises the house edge. Baccarat does not require any strategy charts to be memorised and therefore the only mistake which can raise the house edge is by choosing to risk a wager on the tie bet – which could ultimately pay off if you’re lucky.

Additionally, the multiple variants available online and at land-based casinos can alter the house edge of blackjack, meaning some games will have an incredibly low house advantage while other variants will have a high house edge. This is because some blackjack titles offer favourable rules while others don’t causing the variation in house edge. Since baccarat doesn’t have varying rules the house edge generally remains consistent with the three bets.

4.Baccarat is better for new players

Whether you are playing baccarat online or at a land-based casino, baccarat is much easier to pick up for new players then blackjack. With so few bets involved and no strategy charts to learn, players can sit at a physical or virtual table and quickly pick up the game along with a new found player’s confidence.

Additionally, there are less chances of making a mistake which will overall hinder a new player’s casino experience, thus making baccarat a better game for new players than blackjack. Even if you are playing online and have easy access to a strategy chart for blackjack, it can be quite easy for new players to mis-read and make a mistake. Thus, regardless if you are at a land-based casino or online, baccarat is the better option for new players and ultimately much more fun.

5.All the cool kids play baccarat

Baccarat is James Bond’s favourite game and if it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for us. In the real world, baccarat was always played by high rollers with some seeing $200,000 bets being made at the tables. Only the rich and famous would play the game while everyone else would stick to blackjack.

Obviously, the rich and famous only have the best and only play the best, so now that baccarat has gone online and the limits have been lowered, with land-based casinos following accordingly in lowering their limits we can now see what all the fuss is about. Playing baccarat online and at land-based casinos means we now see exactly why it was made for the best players around and is much more fun than the average joe equivalent known as blackjack.

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Now we know baccarat is much more fun than blackjack due to its simplistic nature and the fact that the rich and famous play it, we can tell you where to play baccarat online for real money for the best experience. We suggest checking out our top online casinos for the safest and smoothest online gaming experience.

You can even play both blackjack and baccarat for yourself online at the same time following your own decided pace in order to decide which you believe is more fun – but we all know it is baccarat. Many of the top online live dealer blackjack sites have got extensive baccarat games and vice versa, but it’s important you don’t fall for one of the many scam online casinos that proliferate the internet. Always look for security indicators like a casino’s SSL certificates, which proves they take necessary precautions like encryption surrounding their banking.

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