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Prop Betting Tips

They say Aussies will bet on anything, even two flies crawling down a window. Well if the bookies could righteously regulate two flies crawling down a window, you could bet your left nut that the bookies would devise a way to get some more action out of it, like prop bets.

Prop betting – or exotics – are a great twist to conventional betting and an easy way to have fun for your amateur punter. Your regular punter will study form, win/loss history, injuries and all sorts of other hardcore in’s and out’s to determine a bet.

Prop betting makes things a lot more fun and easier. The different sorts of prop bets available from sport to sport, code to code and betting outlet to betting outlet.

We will have a look at what sorts of prop bets are available through different sports, a rough look at what sorts of odds you can expect and most importantly, the best places that offer prop betting. All of the following odds are relevant at the time of writing and odds are subject to change at any time without warning.

Best Online Bookies For Prop Betting

The following online bookies offer a wide range of traditional betting options as well as prop bets. Here are our favoured, fun and safe online bookies.

  • join and get up to AUD$100 bonus bet
  • join, deposit and receive up to AUD$200 first bet offer
  • get a free bet matching your first deposit up to AUD$500
  • offers a matched first bet up to AUD$200

All of these offers are excluded for residents of NSW, SA, VIC and WA. Each of these online bookies offer downloadable apps for Android and Apple devices making punting on the go simple, safe and convenient.

Summer Sports

We are currently kick-starting Australia’s Summer of Sport so here are some of the prop bets available for some of the most popular Summer sports.

  • Cricket
    There are a swag load of prop betting options related to cricket which can boast a dizzying array of odds, depending on the bet. Things like betting on which side wins the coin toss ( AUD$1.91), who will be the leading run scorer from each side (anywhere from AUD$3.75 – AUD$276), who will be the leading wicket taker (AUD$2.90 – AUD$26), which side will have the highest opening partnership (AUD$1.65 – AUD$2.25), will the combined total of first innings runs be odd or even (AUD$1.95).

    Prop bets are available on Test matches, One Day Internationals, T20 Internationals and the domestic T20 Big Bash competition.

  • A-League
    A-League prop betting options include the total number of goals scored for the game (AUD$3.30 – AUD$15), time of the first goal over/under (AUD$1.08 – AUD$11), first goal scorer, last goal scorer and anytime goal scorer (AUD$2.65 – AUD$26) and even whether the total number of corners during the game will be over or under 10.5 (AUD$1.83 – AUD$1.97).
  • NBA
    Total number of points over/under (AUD$1.92), will the game go into overtime? (AUD$1.03 – AUD$10) are just some of the prop betting options available on NBA games.
    Winter Sports
  • NRL
    Prop betting and the NRL go hand in hand as was made painfully obvious by the Ryan Tandy fiasco a couple of years back. Things like first try scorer, first side to score, which side will win each half, who gained the most metres and the top tackler for the match are just some of the betting options available.
  • AFL
    The AFL is almost designed with prop betting in mind with bets like whether the total combined final score will be odd or even, first goal scorer, which side wins the toss, which side will win each quarter, who will be the top ball winner and who will score the most goals are just some betting options available.
  • Super Rugby
    Options like how the first points will be scored (field goal, penalty, try), whether the combined total score will be odd or even, first try scorer and leading point scorer are all available.

Each site offers different options and different odds, so look around for the best odds for the bet you want to make.

Getting started with prop betting it is better to begin with the 50/50 options like the coin toss to begin a game, will the total combined score be odd or even or will the total number of points be over or under a set amount.

From there, once you have a broader knowledge of the sport you are betting on you can branch out into bets like first try scorer, leading wicket taker, first mode of dismissal or time of first goal. These sorts of bets offer greater odds than your 50/50 betting options because they are more difficult to predict.

Good luck.

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