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Where did it all go wrong for Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods golf betting

TIGER Woods was once the most dominant and successful sporting athlete in the world.

Hey had it all – the success, the money, the respect and the beautiful wife. Tiger was untouchable. He was perfect in his dealings with the media, a marketer’s dream off the course and possessed a legendary habit of finding ways to win when all the odds were against him.

Tiger was the envy of the golfing world.

Now, just a few short years later, he’s circling the drain.

Tiger Woods hasn’t won a major tournament since 2008. He hasn’t won a tournament of any kind since 2013 – incredible to consider for the former world number one.

So, asks, where did it all go wrong for the 39-year-old?

After missing the cut at the 2015 U.S. Open this June, Tiger didn’t have his usual excuse book on the ready after his dismal performance at Chambers Bay.

He did see the funny side of shooting 80 in round one, however, cracking a joke at Rickie Fowler’s expense.

“The hardest part is trying to leave yourself below the hole and you can’t because the putts coming down the hill are just – they’re tough to make,” Woods said.

“But the bright side is at least I kicked Rickie’s butt today.”

Fowler shot an 81, but he’s not a 14-time major winner like Tiger, so where has it all gone wrong for Eldrick Tont Woods?

It all started when he crashed his car into a tree, trying to escape the rage-filled, 8-iron-carrying Elin Nordegrin.

The women

Most people blame Tiger’s debaucherous life for his downfall and we’d have to agree, but not for the reasons you’d expect.

Tiger was at his best when he was sleeping around, but not because of his extramarital affairs, because it seemed to satisfy his massive ego.

Tiger survived being the world’s best golfer because he could do what he wanted, whenever he wanted, and that included sleeping with women.

Hearing the news of Tiger crashing his car on November 27, 2009 was shocking, but hearing that his wife chased him down the road with a golf club was downright entertaining.

We felt bad for Elin, as we would with anyone in her situation, but the irony that the world’s best golfer was being hunted down by his wife with a golf club was something out of a movie.

What we didn’t know is that Tiger had been taking his talents elsewhere, with a string of women coming out and saying they had sexual relations with Woods.

It seemed as though every day a new woman would come out of the woodwork and claim that Tiger had sex with her and that left Woods in a tricky situation.

To his credit, he came clean and told reporters that he had a sex problem, so admitted himself into a 45-day therapy program, but perhaps he should have visited the practice range because his golf game has never recovered.

He won 14 majors prior to those series of events and hasn’t won one since. It’s no coincidence and it’s clear his ego took a massive hit that day. His golf game and confidence went south and he has since never recovered on the grand stage.

His game is so bad at the moment, even an NFL kicker took a stab at Woods.

“Tiger – meet me at San Jose Country Club tomorrow, $100,000 a hole. You get two a side.”

That tweet came from Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee, who was full of confidence after shooting a 67 last December.

To have an NFL kicker giving you four shots over 18 holes is a big slap in the face and even though Scobee claims he was kidding, this wouldn’t have happened prior to 2009.

The swing

Tiger has had plenty of off-course troubles, but it’s his swing that has ultimately become the major aspect to his downfall.

We don’t claim to be swing coaches, but we know a thing or two about a good and bad golf swing.

Tiger has sifted through various caddies and coaches, but not one of them can seem to get through Tiger’s ego that is preventing him from adjusting his swing.

Tiger just won’t adjust his swing and he’s continually getting stuck at the top of the downswing. Because he’s spent so much time in the gym, he no longer has that supple body shape and his muscles are getting in the way of his flexibility.

He is putting far too much pressure on his surgery-fixed knees and he is still playing extremely risky shots that could sideline him from the game.

It could be a mental thing that is stopping Tiger from playing his best and his recent bout of the ‘yips’ is a good indication of that.

What’s worse than actually having the yips? Having top PGA coach Hank Haney tell the public that Tiger has the yips.

“Let’s be serious. Tiger Woods has the yips,” said Haney.”Everybody is looking for the mechanical flaw that will flip a switch and start hitting good shots again. They’re saying it’s just a matter of time before he’s back to the old Tiger Woods.

“It’s not that simple.

“It’s a mixture of hurry-and-get-this-shot-over with panic and disbelief.”

Tiger and yips should not belong in the same sentence. We were once discussing how long Tiger would play on the tour and if he would play on the Senior PGA Tour, but now we’re thinking he might be done in his early 40’s and his legacy will die a painful death.

The body

Take a look at Tiger’s body when he was playing in college for Stanford. His swing was fluent, supple and he was very flexible.

Now take a look at his swing. It’s forced and he can’t get around his bulging biceps. What’s to blame? The gym!

Tiger wanted to become the ultimate American athlete and he succeeded at that for some time, but he’s no spring chicken and his almost 40-year-old body can no longer handle the stress.

Try telling Tiger that, however, and again his ego is getting in the way. Someone of his age should be slowing his swing down, focusing on different things in the gym and not muscle gain, and letting his body tell him when enough is enough.

He has had every golf-related injury known to man and it feels as though every tournament he plays is a ‘comeback’ game.

Because of Tiger’s gym regime, the 21st century golfer now believes he must become the ultimate athlete and have muscles that rival The Rock.

That’s not needed in a sport that was dominated by the golfers that used flair, style and nous to win their events. Pure power won’t win you any more tournaments Tiger, let alone majors.

The women… again

We may have mentioned the women already, but with Tiger it’s a never ending story.

He decides to go out with Lindsey Von, a younger version of former wife Elin Nordegrin and although there were claims that Tigers cheating caused them to split, those rumours were untrue.

Instead, it appeared as though Tiger didn’t want to get married again, which sparked rumours that he was doing the dodgy business behind her back.

Why wouldn’t Tiger want to get married again? It could have been his chance to settle down and make things right, but instead he went back to the bachelor life, perhaps in the hopes he would recapture his best form on the course.

We don’t know what woman will enter Tiger’s life next, but we hope for their sake that they can pull Tiger out of his slump and have him chasing down Jack Nicklaus’s majors record.

Tiger has become such a spent force in the world of golf, bookmakers are no longer offering futures bets for Woods.

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