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Mistakes new baccarat players make

Mistakes new baccarat players make

THERE are many mistakes new players to the baccarat table can make, but hopefully this guide to the common errors people make playing this real money casino game, will improve your winning chances. Minimising your mistakes at the blackjack table can greatly decrease the house edge and give your a much better chance of recording a profit. Below we will run you through the nitty-gritty of common mistakes baccarat players make and offer you some tips on how to improve your play.

Why are mistakes so common in online baccarat?

Baccarat is a relatively straight-forward table game, however like other niche casino games like online craps many recognise it as complex and confusing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Primarily, there are only two main betting options to take note of; a wager on the player, and a wager on the banker. The main side bet is a wager on a tie between player and banker.

Once the general rules of how baccarat cards are dealt are understood, playing is simple and enjoyable. There is no skill involved, so it’s a great game for beginners to get a handle on, but plenty of experienced and high-roller punters favour baccarat, too.

Due to the complete luck-based nature of the game, many players new to baccarat may incorrectly think there’s no wrong way to play the game, however there are several mistakes one can make in baccarat if you don’t fully understand how the game operates, which can hurt your winning chances. Here are some mistakes, tips and general advice you should take note of when playing baccarat:

Know your betting options and the risks involved

Betting on the player and on the banker have a house edge of 1.24 and 1.06 per cent, respectively – a minimal casino edge in comparison to most other games. Both award a payout of 1:1, however because the banker’s odds are slightly superior to that of the player’s, the banker’s winning is typically subject to a five per cent casino commission. Check what the odds and payout rates are when playing your specific baccarat variant. Exact payout rates can be found on the paytable of your baccarat game.

  • Avoid betting on a tie

    The tie wager is an exciting side bet due to its tempting payout (typically 8:1 in land-based gambling venues, and often 9:1 and even 10:1 at online and mobile casinos). However, with a house edge sitting around 14 per cent, it should not be regularly played, as this would be haemorrhaging money. Play it on the odd occasion if you’re feeling lucky, but do not use it on a regular basis.

Counting cards or similar systems won’t work

Baccarat is often played with eight decks, so it’s virtually impossible to count cards and it’s very unlikely any such strategy will get you very far in baccarat. You are far better off treating baccarat as a game of chance that has very little to do with decisions you make as an individual player.

  • Don’t rely on illogical baccarat strategies

    If you’re trying to learn more about the game of baccarat, you might come across all sorts of outrageous strategies claiming to be bullet-proof.

    Some punters will swear you should bet in streaks as your baccarat strategy; that is, if player has had several consecutive wins, to keep betting on the player. Conversely, other players may strongly advise against betting in streaks and that you should always alternate between the player and the banker. The truth is, neither of these opposing strategies will guarantee you a win. Both sides have an equal chance of winning (when you take the banker commission in to consideration), so bet as you wish on either player or banker. Following an irrational strategy mightn’t hinder your results, but it isn’t going to provide you with a sure fire way to win. The game is left to chance.

    The Martingale baccarat strategy is another system to be wary of. This strategy suggests to double your bet (on the same option as your previous wager) each time you lose, and you will eventually win and make back any losses.

    While this is true, we don’t have an unlimited bankroll – for example, if you encounter five loses in a row having started with a wager of $5, you’d be out of pocket $155 after losing the fifth bet. While it is unlikely to lose five wagers in a row from the very start, it certainly isn’t impossible. Furthermore, casinos have maximum limits in place in order to restrict players from betting exuberant sums of money and bankrupting the casino.

Play baccarat online, not offline

This rule doesn’t just apply for baccarat, but all casino games – odds and payouts are often far superior online at a Web casino as opposed to a brick-and-mortar casino. Online casinos are able to offer far more variations of the specific game of your choice (including online baccarat), and due to less overheads, can reduce their minimum bets significantly and also increase their maximum wagers for high stakes players.

You’ll find Internet and mobile gambling sites offer better odds and higher payout rates, and you’ll be rewarded more generously for playing there. It’s more convenient to play online baccarat, and you can also trial baccarat for free first, to familiarise yourself with the rule, before switching to real money mode.

This means whether you want to play online baccarat on an Iphone or iPad; or via the Samsung equivalent, you will be able to. Basically any smartphone or tablet will allow you to access various real money baccarat and other casino games.

It’s worth shopping around, too – with multiple variations including high stakes baccarat, Gold Series baccarat and even the live dealer format of baccarat, check in at the best online casinos to play baccarat, and take a look at the handsome welcome bonuses, enticing and frequent promotions, and solid reputations for reliability and security.

Have a clear maximum betting limit in mind before starting a baccarat session, and stick to it. Baccarat is an incredibly fun game to play at the best online casinos and the rounds are quick. When you’re playing baccarat online it takes no time at all to place your bets, start a round and find out the outcome of the game.

The fast-paced nature of the game is what many players love about baccarat, but it can also mean burning through money quickly. In order to keep the entertainment flowing, you can reduce you betting stake, with some online casinos allowing baccarat wagers as low as $1 per hand.

Keep track of what you’re spending in all you’re baccarat games and be aware of when you’re approaching your betting limit. This will ensure your baccarat time is enjoyable, and you’re not left feeling in the dumps afterwards.


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