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Caribbean Stud Poker

There are numerous forms of poker out there, and one of the most popular versions of poker in the world right now is Texas Hold ‘Em. This version is a community form of the game, meaning that a player will each have his or her own cards, but they will combine those cards with a community group of cards in order to make the best hand they can. Within the community pile, everyone uses those cards.

Caribbean Stud PokerThe stud family of poker games is different, and Caribbean stud poker differs even further from that. One of the main differences between this version and all other versions of the game is that the player plays against the dealer, not other players.

In just about every other version of poker, the players all play each other, and this is one facet of the game that makes it so exhilarating and addictive because it allows for plays to play psychological games with one another in order to try to win all of the money in the pot. This is known as bluffing, and it is a key component to most versions of poker.

Because the player plays against the dealer, the element of bluffing in order to win a pot is eliminated. To begin playing, each player will put what is known as the ante, or the initial bet prior to knowing what cards they have, on the playing table. At a certain point, the dealer will tell the players that no more bets may be placed during that particular round of play.

Prior to the dealer announcing to the players that there are no more bets, the players also have the option of being in on the progressive jackpot feature of Caribbean stud poker. The player does this by dropping a single chip on the part of the playing table that represents the progressive jackpot.

After all of the betting is finished, the dealer will then give each player and himself five cards, and all of them will be dealt face down. At this point, the dealer proceeds to reveal one of his cards, and pushes the rest toward the players signifying that its ok for each player to look at their own cards, but no one else’s.

Next, each player has the option of either playing or folding. A player who doesn’t like his hand may stop playing, and he or she will only lose their ante. A player that wants to stay in the game must then place his or her raise, which will be double the initial ante. This double bet is placed in a box on the playing table in front of each player marked “bet.”

Once the second round of betting is completed, then the dealer will reveal the rest of his four face down card. In order for the dealer to qualify, or stay in the game, his hand must either contain both a king and an ace, or it must form a pair or any higher poker hand in rank. If the dealer has a good enough hand to stay in the round, he then begins comparing his hand with all of the remaining players, starting with the player on the farthest right.

For those players whose hands beat the dealer’s, they get to keep both their ante and their second double bet. For those players whose hands don’t outrank the dealer’s, they forfeit all of the money they wagered during that round of play.

Let’s say that the dealer failed to qualify because he had neither an ace and a king, nor did he have a pair or better. The standard operating procedure for this situation states that it is only the ante portion of the player’s bets that pay out at one to one. The second portions of the players’ bets do what is known as “push.” This simply means that the double bet is returned to the player with no additional payment. That’s pretty much it. Pretty simple, right?

How do you play Caribbean Stud Poker?

But we’re not quite done yet. There are a few key things to remember when playing Caribbean stud poker. For one thing, a player may only play one hand at a time, and there can’t be multiple bets on different hands by a single player. In other words, the player may only bet on his or her hand.

If the player chooses to participate in the progressive bet option, then he or she must make sure that their bet was placed in the appropriate slot and the proper indicator light was turned on. If one or any or all of these stipulations are not met, then it will not be counted as a bet.

As was mentioned earlier, the element of bluffing is eliminated from this version of poker, and along with that, it is against the rules for players to communicate with each other in any way during game play. This rule exists in order to prevent players illegally strategizing with one another among other reasons, and any player violating this rule will be ejected from that round of play and forfeit their wager.

If there is an incorrect number of cards dealt to a player, then that player pushes because the result is a dead hand. Because the players only play the dealer and no one else, this will only apply to the player dealt the incorrect number of cards. Also, if the dealer happens to misdeal his own hand, for instance, if he has finished dealing and he only has four cards but everyone else has five, then he must deal one more card to himself in order to finish the hand. Any other misdeal by the dealer to himself will result in all players pushing and a reshuffling of the cards.

As in any casino game, the casino supervisor has the final say in what happens with the results of the game. That’s pretty much it if we’re not taking about probability or strategy, so if you ever find yourself with a hankering to play some online or casino Caribbean stud poker, you now know how to do so.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker

There are 100s of online casinos that will feature Caribbean Stud Poker. These games can be played for real money in both random number generated games and live dealer. You will also be able to play for free on the RNG tables.

We strongly recommend playing some of the various live dealer games out there, with our two personal favourites coming from Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, which is a smaller, but blossoming software company.

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