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Over/Under Betting

If you have ever considered putting your money on a game of sport, one market you will continually come across is the over/under market.

Whether it be a team’s individual score, a players goal tally or the entire points scored for the match, over/under markets can be utilised in almost every facet of a match.It exists in every sport, but what exactly is it?This article will run you through the markets for each sport, examples of how to do it on all the most popular sports and, of course, how to make money.

Over/Under Markets – What are They?

Over/under markets in sport essentially is a number selected by the bookmaker, whether it be a score, total game score – and gives a price on whether or not this score will be achieved or not.

The over/under market, sometimes referred to as the ‘line’ is usually the average that the team or player has for the year, and the bookmaker sets their market accordingly.

As you can see, as evidenced by the line and total score elements in this picture that Centrebet make it very easy to find both total score and win line margins in their markets.

Team betting

Team over/under betting is the easiest and most popular form of line betting that exists.

Essentially, you are betting on whether or not a team will achieve a certain score by the end of the match. This is completely independent of the final result.

This means, if North Melbourne have a line of 95.5 points, any score, including and over 96 will give you a win – even if the Kangaroos lose the match.

Along with the total score for the team, you can also bet on the final margin of the match. This is the more traditional method of line betting on sport, where you place a bet either the winning team to win by over a certain amount, or their counterpart to lose by less than that amount.

Outlets such as Centrebet also offer the chance to ‘choose your own line’ with odds pertaining to the amount of points afforded. For example, if they project a game is set to be a close encounter, the further you push their winning margin, the higher the return.

Along with the traditional method, betting outlets such as Sportsbet offer live line and total doubles, meaning you have the opportunity to bet on the outcome of a match after it has started. To the astute punter, there are serious wins to be had.

Individual over/under markets

Much like with the team line betting, individual player over/under will give you a certain mark a player must outcome in order to get you a dividend.

On Sports bet this market is known as ‘player performance markets’ but it will vary from outlet to outlet.

Each sport will have its own type of betting.

AFL has individual possession tallies and goals kicked, NRL has tackled made and NFL has Quarterback pass yardage and total rush yards for running backs.

The chart below shows the Sunday Night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and The Dallas Cowboys.

Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Receivers are listed – with over/under markets listed for each one.

These are almost exclusively based on season averages, and if you are looking to take advantage of these odds, do your research and see if certain players have better numbers against the opposition they are up against.

Game over/under markets

Game line betting follows the same principals as the other over/under markets, but combines the scores of both teams to give you the overall number to surpass.

The best example of this is an AFL game, where the combined total of the two teams scores form to create the line. Certain high scoring teams, such as Sydney, Hawthorn or Geelong would put the line somewhere towards the 200 point mark, whereas the lower scoring sides such as GWS, Melbourne and Fremantle would have something closer to the 150 point margin.

Most sports you are likely to bet on have this option though, with most NBA, NFL and NRL games displaying this option.

As you can see in the graphic, the total game score between certain games is different, depending on how they think the game will play out. Sportingbet here think the game between the Cavaliers and Hornets will have a greater defensive emphasis, therefore having fewer total game points allotted than the 76ers and Celtics game.

Why bet over/under?

Why bet over/under you might ask? Simple: Total game points and averages can sometimes be easier to predict than the fickle nature of fluctuating form.

Especially with total game score, it is not always dependent on whether the favoured team performs on the day. Compounded by this, you also have the ability to bet on the under, giving you the flexibility to put your money on the determination that your selected team or competitor will not fulfil his usual output.

Over/under betting is always fun and a great way to engage in the game even further.

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