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No, the dealer can’t see you

The technological age has been a wild ride. In just a few short years we’ve gone from slugging around old Nokia 3210’s in our pockets, whipping them out for a sweet round of Snake on the bus and thinking we’re on the cutting edge of technology, to adorning miraculous devices like the iPhone that have the ability to do almost literally anything.

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Technology has been awesome at saving the average Joe a hell of a lot of time and effort when it comes to monotonous tasks like paying bills, keeping in touch with distant relatives and doing the grocery shopping, but it also comes at a price to the more paranoid amongst us.

Camera phones, GPS tracking devices, FaceTime; it’s enough to make even the most level headed adults question just how secure their online privacy is. It’s no surprise that some enthusiastic online gamblers have shied away from live dealer gaming for concerns of their privacy, but we’re here to put your minds at ease and answer the question asked repeatedly by suspicious punters; no, the dealer can’t see you!

How safe is live dealer gaming?

The answer – very. Players can relax in the comfort that just because they can see and interact with the real life dealer, the dealer absolutely cannot see you. Even for the more voyeuristic Web lurkers, swapping visuals with the croupier is simply not an option. Live dealer video streams are a one-way field, sending the live feed directly to a player’s computer over a HD camera connection that has absolutely no link to your own web cam, smartphone or tablet camera. In live dealer games there is a chat option, but it functions via text only.

This means that if you’re like 99% of Internet users who spends your online time slobbing it up in trackies with unwashed hair and week old pizza boxes scattered by your side, that privacy is yours to enjoy. Live dealer croupiers keep things classy by being incredibly well presented, but half the fun is being able to enjoy the sophisticated casino ambience while kicking back in your daggiest old jumper while rockin’ a mean five o’clock shadow. So if you’re worried about your own appearance or your inability to hone a decent poker face, stress no more as you have our word that the dealer cannot see you, and has absolutely no way of doing so.

Playing a live dealer game isn’t like making a Skype call and the visual feed is not a two way street. These games differ to other online casino games in that the player can enjoy a genuine casino atmosphere and watch the action unfold in front of their very eyes. In some ways, live dealer games should help to ease any online paranoia, as watching the game play out in real time kills any doubts that any sceptics may have about random number generated software.

Paranoia and the Internet

This may seem like a bizarre issue to some, but online paranoia isn’t a condition reserved for the socially anxious or schizophrenic. Expanding mobile and video technology makes the uncertainty of wondering whether the dealer can see you completely understandable, especially amidst growing suspicion that smartphones are becoming a little too smart for their own good. Recent speculation has been that smartphones are giving manufacturers a platform to tap into customers private lives for marketing purposes, using mobile Google searches, app downloads and web history as a way to tap into private data and advertise directly to a customer’s personal tastes.

AN episode of the popular NBC TV show Parks & Recreation sparked lots of conversation about this hot topic, with the shows fictional Internet provider Gryzzl tapping into the Pawnee residents phones to read emails and texts, listen to phone conversations and gather private data to personally tantalise customers with personalised gifts, delivered via drone. As Gryzzls young hipster employee explained, “As you know, the cameras on your phone are always on, whether you’re using them or not. Our app uses facial-recognition software to track your mood.”

This was of course an entirely fictional occurrence, but it’s a genuine concern for some that seems like a growing possibility the more our technology evolves. While we can’t speak for the future of mobile technology, companies being able to access your camera or read your mood via your smartphone or tablet remains nothing more than a bogus paranoia. Live dealer casino games have no way of tapping into a player’s camera phone or web cam, nor would they want to.

Ultimately, live dealer games have zero to gain from being able to see players, in fact, it would probably be the dealer’s worst nightmare to have to stare into a screen to watch people gambling from their nice cozy homes while they’re on the job. It’s also safe to say that those attractive young female croupiers and Playboy bunny dealers are more than happy living in their own safe cloud away from any ogling eyes of strangers.

If you’ve been hanging to try live dealer gaming but your uncertainty is holding you back, don’t let your fears stand between what could be the finest online gambling experience available. Real money accounts are required to play live dealer games, but you can also sign into a game without placing any bets, hanging back like a fly on the wall if you simply want to see if you’re comfortable with the live format before laying down a wager.

But whatever happens, don’t change out of your bath robe or run a comb through your hair, as one thing’s for sure – the dealer can’t see you.

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