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Super Bowl 57 novelty bets & specials – Chiefs v Eagles

Patrick Mahomes NFL odds

The Super Bowl is one of the most wagered-on sporting events each year. While the actual game earns a majority of those bets, the best betting sites also release a lot of fun props that have nothing to do with football. Whether it be related to the halftime show, the national anthem, or even the commercials, you can find odds on a plethora of novelty markets. While we don’t recommend putting serious money on the following picks, they can be a fun way to enjoy the Super Bowl experience.

Which QB will be shown first during the national anthem?

When it comes down to it, Patrick Mahomes is the biggest star in American football. While that may not mean anything when it comes to this bet, we still think Mahomes holds the value. While the national anthem plays, the broadcast usually pans through all the stars on each team; and although Jalen Hurts is a rising star, Mahomes is the biggest name in the game and should be shown first.

Patrick Mahomes


Which song will be played first in the halftime show?

Lyrically and energy-wise, this song is a great way for Rihanna to start her performance. She has a lot of options for this bet, but considering it’s a crapshoot, we might as well take a longshot. While ‘All of the Lights’ is Kanye West’s song, Rihanna sings the hook and the first part of the song. It is very feasible that she starts off with this song before everything else, gets the crowd involved and then transitions into the rest of her set.

All of the Lights


Will Rihanna open an umbrella during her halftime show?

While this is a little on the nose, we actually like this bet. ‘Umbrella’ is one of Rihanna’s biggest songs and Super Bowl performers have never shied away from doing the obvious. It makes a lot of sense that Rihanna will pull out an umbrella before going into one of her biggest hits.



National Anthem over/under time?

Chris Stapleton will be singing the national anthem, and while we don’t know a lot about him, we do know he is a country singer. Because of that, it would make sense that he does a pretty simple rendition. It’s hard to imagine a country singer really holding certain notes during this song. Also, the average run-time for the national anthem is 1 minute and 56 seconds, so the under on this bet seems very logical.

Under 2 minutes, 5 seconds


Will Tom Cruise parachute into the stadium and hand-deliver the game ball?

This is simply about being on the right side of history. Imagine passing on this bet and Tom Cruise does this? You couldn’t get over that. While this is a little tongue-in-cheek, Cruise does have a new Mission Impossible movie coming out and they are going to show a new trailer for it at some point during the game. Cruise is also a madman who will do anything to drum up buzz for his own movies, and considering he does all of his own stunts, this is a very believable move for him.



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